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Comprehensive event data

Using advanced data processing, Airfinity collects millions of data points on events and has built the most comprehensive and precise professional events database in the UK. Use our platform to search and compare events by attendee job titles and seniority, companies, industries, followers, topics and much more for free.

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Attendee centric event discovery

As a channel, Events enable you to reach an audience that can otherwise can be hard to get to. Define your audience segments and let Airfinity find the events that best match your target criteria.  Query results are presented alongside our proprietary quality score enabling to better assess the suitability of events.

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Easy and risk-free sponsorship

Airfinity makes event sponsorship easy and accountable. Airfinity brokers the contract and takes payment. The platform takes the risks out of event sponsorship by automatically verifying that an event has taken place as agreed.

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