Events get data standard for sponsorship with Airfinity

Events get data standard for sponsorship

With the launch of Airfinity Event Analytics, an event can gain access to a range of insights about their community and attendees. The data, (currently targeted at B2B events), consists of key comparable metrics on communities, reach engagement and attendee demographics that Airfinity has developed with help from some of the world’s most active event sponsors. Events also receive a quality score, and ranking in their topic category.

“Most event organisers are too busy to collect, analyse, and visualise all their data, let alone compare themselves to their competitors, so often basic data about their events is lacking, which makes it very hard for a sponsor to assess whether to go to or sponsor an event.

We have made heavy R&D investment to build what we believe to be the most scalable and robust data processing tool for events in the world. We are excited to launch the first result”, says co-founder and CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen.

The tool is already used by a number of leading event organisers in London, where Airfinity has been testing the product within the tech community. Organisers including Mind the ProductVirgin Startup and Mobile UX London are using the platform. Several events have already secured sponsorships because of Airfinity’s data.

David Siegel, who organises popular events in the Blockchain space says: “Airfinity’s insights are fantastic – it helped me secure a sponsorship for my next event in three days. The sponsor is a leading global bank and the quality of the data gave them the confidence to go ahead with the sponsorship”.

There are currently more than 1,800 event organisers with live analytics pages in Airfinity’s database, which is estimated to be 80% of the professional and semi-professional technology event organisers in London. 

Airfinity Event Analytics is the first of a range of products to be launched by the firm. “We are building what we call the ‘Event Graph’ - a digital mapping of the whole space. We are working with some leading companies to test how our data and AI can be leveraged to better match the right events with their needs. With events being the single largest marketing expenditure for most companies, we believe this will be a major disruptor of the event and marketing industry”, explains Rasmus.