New Year Product Update – See all the latest features

🚀 New Year Product Update

This month launches the first of our monthly product updates.

A note from our Head of Product

We love helping organisers grow and expand their events. This update introduces some big new features aimed at helping you get sponsorship - as well as a lot of refinements to the platform based on your feedback.

Let us know how you get on - we love hearing from you and are always here to help!

James Wood

New features in the platform include:  

Organiser Home


Summary of changes made to the Organiser Home section.

- Removed Rankings. You told us rankings were confusing so they have been removed until we have improved our categorisation and how we rank in Airfinity.

- Removed Airfinity Score.  Users told us they didn’t like the Airfinity score and not being able to influence it. Given the score was largely based on community size, we have removed it until we can improve how it’s calculated and give organisers more opportunities to increase it.

- Rename Attendees. Users found the wording around our the 'Attendees' statistic in their Home Profile misleading.  We've renamed it to 'Average Attendees' to make it clearer this number represents your average and not the total.

score-module copy 3.png

- Making it clearer how to edit your profile. We often had feedback that users didn't know how to edit their organiser name, description or categories. We've added a link right on the home page to allow you to jump into edit mode to make it super clear how to make changes to your organiser details.


- Helping organisers explore company profiles. We noticed in Fullstory and from talking to users that lots of you tried to click the company logos on your homepage, but got frustrated when it didn't do anything. We've made all the company links on the home page clickable to help you explore company profiles and this has now been adjusted to everywhere you see a company logo across your Airfinity profile!

most attended v2 copy.png

- Clearer calls to action when there is missing data. Users often told us they didn't understand the rocket image and why some areas of their profile appeared to be empty, which made them think something in their profile was broken. To address this, we have now added clear calls to action to where there is missing data to give users the chance to improve their profile.  


Finding sponsors in Airfinity


You told us you wanted our help to land a sponsor. Reaching out to them is a job full of rejections. So we have mapped 4,500 significant sponsors of tech and startup events in London. Analysed which companies sponsor what type of events, and devised the world’s first algorithm that automatically recommends the ones we predict are most likely to sponsor your event.


To review your matches and get the relevant info on each sponsor simply login and visit the new 'Sponsor Match' section, if you would like an introduction to any of the sponsors press the 'Request contact’ button. You can also see which events they have sponsored. Users can search the entire sponsor database for free.

Spot hot sponsor leads among your past attendees


Our sponsorship analysis revealed that potential sponsors can be found among past attendees. We have expanded our analysis of your attendees, and you can now see all companies that have attended your past events and search for who has sponsored other events. You can also get more detailed information on each company.

Save hours of time with Sponsor Search


Airfinity members now have access to our ever-changing database of over 4.5k sponsors to refine and focus their sales targeting thanks to our aggregated data and monitoring of sponsorship activity. Get company results based on the real activity of local relevant companies you're looking for, sponsoring events!

Analyse individual events and share PDF reports


To sponsors, nothing speaks louder than data. We have improved the data points and the graphs on your page. You can see performance of individual events under past events, and you can generate an analytics report from each individual event, or for all your events which can be shared as a PDF file with potential and past sponsors. Hopefully this will save you time, and most importantly persuade more sponsors to go ahead with sponsorship. Depending on user feedback to this feature we will decide on how to improve/automate this in the future.

- City & Country Data. We've also started collecting City & Country data from Eventbrite, which is now added as a module on Past Events.  This data will also be useful for data science and in our future search products.

🚀 You talk, we listen.

We will continue listening to you! Our roadmap is full of features that you have told us will take the hassle out of securing sponsorships: The ability to add data from multiple sources, processing sponsorship transactions on platform, and more! Plus we are speaking to a number of sponsors who are putting Airfinity at the core of their sponsorship plans.