Introducing the Event Data Suite

Introducing the Event Data Suite

Product announcement: Companies waste lots of money on the wrong professional events and many great event opportunities are missed. Airfinity’s groundbreaking solution, The Event Data Suite, solves this with an integrated analytics and intelligence platform that can improve company wide return on event investments by more than 25 %. 

“What gets measured, gets done”. This sound principle has helped many companies become more competitive and productive. In fact, most corporate functions, from HR, logistics to advertising and broader marketing, have been transformed into data that allows companies to make better decisions. 

But one area is still to a large extent a black hole in most companies: Event spend , despite the fact that the total cost on events, from hosting own conferences to sponsoring and attending seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, festivals and more account for the biggest marketing and sales costs. That can now change with Airfinity’s newly released cloud solution  “the Event Data Suite” 

Solving three event challenges

To understand the role of events for companies, Airfinity has engaged with hundreds or organizations, big and small over the last years. Three things have stood out:

To understand the role of events for companies, Airfinity has engaged with hundreds of organizations, big and small over the last years. Three things have stood out:

  • Costly. Events is a big cost in both direct and time spend. Only a few can put a precise number on it and when they do they are shocked to see how big it is. The general sense is that lots of time and money are wasted on events that were wrong from the outset. 
  • Business critical. But equally, they also think they miss out on many great event opportunities because they hadn’t heard of that particular event in time. 
  • Growth tool. And thirdly, they struggle with how to engage future customers. This means events are their best, and often, only chance to kickstart grow. As a result, most companies plan to increase their event spend. 


The Event Data Suite

To help companies address these three areas and grow faster for less, the Airfinity team has spent years building the first event data product that allows a company to both measure their events (own and sponsored)  and use these insights in combination with a large proprietary database of real time events and their sponsors to make informed, strategic decisions on event spend. decide on future events to engage with.  The results of smart use of the data can easily be more than 25 % increase in event ROI.

Airfinity’s product suite is divided Pre-event market intelligence and analytics post-event tracking for measurement. Each part can be used as a stand alone, but are mutually supportive. 

Market intelligence. This part allows access to a searchable database of events, sponsors and other key data points. The data can be configured to ensure the data your company needs is there. Companies can search for events, discover entirely new events, and track and get notifications to and monitor competitors and understand their event spend. It also allows for custom insights. 

Analytics. The analytics product allows firms to track the performance of your events across multiple event registration platforms and get a unified cockpit view of performance. The service also enables companies to track the performance of events they are sponsoring. Insights derived from own and sponsored events informs the “before event decisions” and predictive analytics can be used to recommend future events, formats and topics.

A new golden era for real life

“Event marketing and sales are business critical activities for every company that wants to grow faster than their peers. But too often companies waste precious time and money on an event that was just wrong from the outset. That’s a real really important problem that holds companies’ growth back. By allowing companies to engage people in real life at scale in a targeted way, we will help bring about a new golden era for events, conferences and festivals of all sizes, and the world will be better as a result”, says Rasmus Bech Hansen, co-founder and CEO of Airfinity. 

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