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Data Asset Manager (country data)

Data and Products team

Objective of the role: The Data asset manager (Country data) is a key senior role that will develop a deep understanding of Airfinity data that relates to country level infectious disease policy, immunization schedules, tendering and market access channels in order to lead the collection, annotation, and strategic development of the data. The role holder will be responsible and accountable for those ‘country’ related datasets and will be the point of contact for everything that falls within that data type, and they will be hands on in annotating the datasets alongside the teams. This business-critical role will bridge the gap between clients needs and the data required to meet those needs, initially building an overall picture of what is required to meet coverage, quality and timeliness goals for the data whilst moving towards allocating & dedicating resources to maintaining those datasets. This work will ensure the data is comprehensive and of the highest quality, and the individual will have a deep knowledge and understanding of the data such that they can support analysts in creating high-quality analysis. They will work on data roadmaps to enrich and add value to the Airfinity offering, and they will be a key figure in adding value to the business.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Data asset ownership – country data: ensuring full coverage, high-quality data, completeness and timeless of gathering the data in their area as required by the business/product, the includes, but not limited to, country level Immunization policies, tendering and market access approaches

  • Have a full view of what data we have, where it comes from, any gaps in the data, and how those gaps could be filled.

  • Hands on annotation of relevant datasets

  • Drive daily data “throughput” in effective manner

  • Set clear goals and times lines for data build

  • Will be the touchpoint for product needs, and will prioritize data extensions.

  • Will be responsible for identifying strategic improvements and will work with the data supply team to implement these improvements in the data asset.

  • In the midterm will manage the team involved with data asset creation for their specified dataset for the whole portfolio, including budgets and forecasting

  • Will work closely with analysts, leads and disease area specialists to understand, analyze and unlock value from the datasets.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience/knowledge of how countries manage infectious disease policy, purchasing and access to medicines and vaccines is preferred

  • Ability to decipher and organize large amounts of data which can be used for analysis.

  • Experience in the collection and annotation of data

  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail to effectively scrutinize data for gaps and inaccuracies

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills to work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams

  • At least a master’s degree (or equivalent level of experience) in computer science, life sciences, computer engineering, or related field.