Free event analytics 

Airfinity gives you a free way to learn more about the people who attends your events and is part of your community, get an overview of your total digital footprint and learn more about trends in the event industry. We have already created an analytics profile page for your events, but you can register to unleash deeper insights, improve your score and make it easier for sponsors to find you. 

Solid data is an absolute game changer for event organisers. Airfinity provides us an objective data platform for our sponsor outreach. I love Airfinity’s ranking system. It helps the good events stand out from the bad ones.
— Robert Fenton, Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers

Free analytics report

Register to claim your free analytics report with detailed insights into your audience, community and their engagement. Compare yourself to other events. 

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Free REcommended sponsor list

Access a list of the 5 sponsors most likely to sponsor events like yours.


Quality SCORE 

How do you demonstrate the quality of your events. Airfinity's algorithmic quality score is based on what sponsors find important about an event. Registrer to improve your score. 

Airfinity’s data is highly valuable for us as event organizers. Knowing our audience helps us with our sponsorship outreach and saves us time.
— Sam Lehane, Virgin Startup