Our underlying proprietary data is aggregated from thousands sources per therapy area and comes in many shapes and forms.

What data points do you have?

Our data driven intelligence solutions are underpinned by millions of conference derived data points, structured and enriched to yield the highest quality actionable insights. Our proprietary data consist of scientific signals and content, commercial signals and a range of meta-data signals which enable us to generate unique insights. The depth and breadth of our database is exponentially growing as new science emerges.

What therapy areas do you cover?

We go deep in the areas we cover. We believe that real value comes from understanding and fully covering a therapy area. We have up to 4 times more new scientific data points per year than other scientific databases. We currently cover Cardiology, Nephrology and are rapidly moving into other areas. We also carry out custom research in new areas on request.

Which geographies do you cover?

We currently cover Europe and North America and are expanding to global coverage in 2020.

Where do you get the data from?

Our main source of data is scientific conferences. We partner with medical associations and other conference providers in the therapy areas we cover. We also get data from multiple unstructured public sources and a number of third party sources.

How do you analyse it?

We have a team of inhouse life scientists specialised in the areas we cover to analyse and interpret the data in combination with technology enabled pattern recognition,sentiment analysis and predictive analytics.

How much data do you have?

We have data going back several years in the therapy areas we cover. Our full data set consists of millions of data points.

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