Using multiple sets of data sources and millions of data points, we are building the world’s first comprehensive Event Graph™. 

Airfinity’s technology analyses events, their audiences and sponsors.
Using proprietary predictive analytics tools, this empowers companies to find exactly the right event, and radically improve their event performance.

We struggle with finding the right events with the right people.

Airfinity can help with that.
— Seb Hall, MD, Cloud Employee

Data driven event investment

Event marketing and attending is the largest single marketing cost for most B2B companies. But the key decision of which events to attend, sponsor or host are most often taken without solid data.

Our research shows that independently verified information about attendees, growth, quality and engagement of events can radically improve the effectiveness of your event spend. 


Our services


the event mapper

Provide us your marketing objective, and we will analyse the world of events and give you a monthly detailed info on 10 events that are most likely to give you high return. 


the event analyser

Considering if a particular event is the right one to sponsor? We will analyse the event and compare it to 4 similar events and enable you to make a qualified decision. 


event intelligence

Using our proprietary data, we carry out customised event analysis for a number of different companies. 

Get in touch to see how we can help your organisation get most out of your event spend.  


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