Frequently asked questions

How does the sign-up process work?

Your Airfinity public page is already set up. To sign up all you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and allow us access to your attendee information so that we can analyse your event in greater detail.

What happens after I have signed up?

You will have a complete Airfinity Profile. This will include your Airfinity score increasing, and you will receive a premium event report including detailed attendee information, sponsor analysis, and suggestions for future sponsors.

How will you use my data?

The data you provide helps us develop richer insights into your event attendees. This enables potential sponsors, speakers and attendees to better assess whether your event is relevant for them. All individual data will be kept 100% confidential. We will never share or display information that personally identifies any of the contacts you share with us, unless this data is already public, or you explicitly permit us to do so. The Airfinity privacy policy is available here.

Can I delete my profile?

Yes. You can request to remove your profile, and all data associated with it at any time. All information about your event and any additional information you may have supplied us with will be removed from the Airfinity system.

How much does Airfinity cost to use?

Airfinity is free to use for all event organisers.

Will you find sponsors for me?

Airfinity is not a sponsor agency, or an event promotion service. Our algorithms generate recommendations for specific sponsors that are likely to sponsor your event and our data empowers you to make a stronger sponsor pitch. Sponsors will find you by using the Airfinity platform. Having as complete a profile as possible will increase your Airfinity score, which improves your chances of being discovered by relevant sponsors.

What does verified sponsor mean?

Airfinity is a trusted data source that relies on verifiable data. To ensure that the sponsors in our data base are genuine, we require verification of their support of the event. To verify a sponsor all we need is their email address, and we will reach out directly for their confirmation.

How does Airfinity make money?

Companies pay for access to our data to support their events sponsorship programmes, or to find the right events to speak or attend.

Can I change the content on my page, once I have claimed it?

Our data is automatically updated from public information. If you wish to change specific information, please contact us:

Can I hand over attendee data without explicit consent from my registration platform?

Yes. Registration platforms operate under the principle that the Organiser has the right to their data. This means that Event Organisers are permitted and responsible to use personal identifiable data as they wish. See FX article 5.5 in Eventbrite’s privacy policy

Can I hand over attendee data without explicit consent from my attendees?

Yes, unless your T&C explicitly forbids it. Airfinity is a trusted third party that helps you conduct your business better, and keeps your information confidential. Typically a T&C for organisers states: “We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential.” If your event does not have a set of privacy rules, you operate under general privacy rules which permits handover to trusted third parties.

How do I get my data from Eventbrite?

Downloading attendee data into a CSV file from your Eventbrite account is a simple process. For guidance on the process please read this guide from Eventbrite.

How do I download attendee data from Meetup?

Downloading your data from Meetup is a trickier proposition than Eventbrite, but not impossible. You can subscribe to the pro-version of Meetup which gives you greater access to your data. More about Meetup Pro. Alternatively, you can ask attendees to RSVP with their emails when they sign up to an event. This article explains how

How do I get my data from other platforms?

If you are using an event platform that has not been covered here, please contact us and we will do our best to guide you on how to extract your attendee data.