Airfinity launches Vaccine Efficacy Meta-Analysis tool

Posted on Jul 9, 2021

Until now, there has been the lack of an up-to-date resource outlining efficacy and real-world effectiveness data for vaccines that are being rolled out globally. The rising need for such a tool has been accelerated further due to the rise of variants, which may significantly impact the protection from vaccines currently in use. Airfinity's new Vaccine Efficacy Meta-Analysis Tool aggregates and analyses all existing outcomes data to give an up-to-date assessment of a vaccine's effectiveness across different patient populations. Not only that but the tool also provides information about the impact of variants of concern and will update as and when new data is published.

This real-time tracking of vaccine effectiveness will allow governmental agencies to assess the impact of new variants of concern and risk to their populations and inform vaccine rollout strategies. Vaccine developers will be able to track the magnitude of protection imparted by their candidates or competitors and may use this data to inform alternative dosing regimens or further candidate development, if necessary.

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