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Event Sponsorship – As easy, precise and accountable as digital advertising


All the data your sponsor needs in one place

Airfinity gives you exactly the core data points that enables any sponsor, big or small, to decide in minutes whether to sponsor. The event metrics include a quality score, reach and engagement, and are standardised, accurate and third party verified. You can easily share with existing and prospective sponsors. And it also allows you to compare your event to others in the industry.


Personalised sponsor list

Every event has a potential sponsor. The hard thing is finding them. From a proprietary database of more than 3000 active event sponsors, we use your event data and AI to intelligently match you with exactly the sponsors that are most likely to sponsor your event. By signing up you also increase your Airfinity score, and the likelihood of being contacted by sponsors looking for events like yours.


Easy, Fast and free

Airfinity makes sponsorship easy by automatically connecting with your registration, ticketing and social platforms. No work needed from your side. And everything we do for event organisers is free. Our revenue comes from sponsors. So no reason not just to get started.