Commercial Conference Share of Voice

Benchmark and learn how to increase your go to market impact.


The only available 360 view on commercial conference share of voice across all relevant scientific conferences throughout the year.

Benchmark against competitors and other companies in a given therapy area. Compare your commercial activities to others and get a set of actionable, strategic and tactical recommendations on how to increase your commercial impact with HCPs.
1 data source with all scientific conference data in a given therapy area
Relevant commercial signals and spend levels for competitors
Thousands of structured data points per conference
Millions of social media signals
1st party data provided by the organisers
Verified and enriched by scientists
Combined with other scientific information sources

Who it's for

Commercial departments

Key features

Measures your total Share of Voice within a therapy area
Track and benchmark on more than 10 metrics including exhibitor spend, sponsored session spend and other engagements
Impact ranking of all conferences in a given area
Deep dive on competitor strategies
Explore correlations between conference spend and sales
All international, regional and national scientific conferences (est. 200 per region)
Includes forward looking data and forecasts for the year ahead


Get the full 360 view to understand the true commercial share of voice your company
A data tool to inform how to spend and where to spend it
Track if you are reaching the right HCPs
Competitor intelligence
Forward-looking data to inform go-to-market planning
Learn which conference activities drive impact
Get actionable recommendations based on discussions with leading experts for each therapy area

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