Influenza & RSV

Influenza is experiencing renewed interest since the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, with a boom in innovation and new vaccine developments. RSV remains one of the last untapped vaccine markets in high-income countries.
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A single source of truth ​​to monitor the new and upcoming developments on Influenza and RSV

  • Weekly intelligence reports and briefings with leading analysts
  • Real time intel alerts and hotline access for bespoke requests and questions
  • A user-friendly platform that turns unstructured, fragmented data on vaccines and therapeutics into actionable insights and predictions for influenza and RSV
Why Airfinity
An Independent, Trusted Intelligence Source

Our information is subjected to rigorous Q&A multiple times and verified by therapy area specialists prior to publication. Through partnerships, critical data points are also confirmed by third party sources. All information is linked to its underlying source and a clear methodology provided.

Accurate Predictions

Our forecasts have been proven to be amongst the most accurate available and delivered significant edge to our clients. Airfinity enables your organisation to better predict science, and its related market and macro developments. Countries that have based their decisions on Airfinity's insights have generally fared better under COVID and many of the world's most successful hedgefunds and investors have outperformed their peers and the market with the help of Airfinity.

Optimisation Of Internal Resources

Our solution allows teams to save considerable time on their own data collection and analysis so that resources can be focused on making the right decisions, informed by a trusted partner.

The Airfinity Platform Offers
Inform candidate development

Airfinity provides detailed analysis of the underlying science behind approved candidates and those in clinical trials, the platform allows you to identify new opportunities within the space and accelerate your product lifecycle.

Track emerging drugs and their efficacy

Compare efficacy and real world data for different vaccine and treatment candidates. This can be used to elevate internal competitor intelligence and identify scientific breakthroughs in real time.

Monitor global prevalence rates and disease development

Understand how the disease is spreading and evolving in each country to identify early predictors of potential outbreaks.

Understand the relationship between COVID-19 and Influenza

What does the safety data say for co-administering COVID-19 and seasonal flu vaccines? What symptoms do both diseases present with?

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