New Science Monitor

Stay informed on relevant research. Based on real-time, forward-looking data from all conferences in a given therapy area


Don’t get caught of guard or blindsided by new research.

Don’t get caught of guard or blindsided by new research. With Airfinity’s New Science Monitor™ you are alerted, in real-time, when a relevant piece of independent or competitor research is scheduled to be presented at an upcoming conference. This typically happens 2-3 months before it is publicly released, providing you with valuable time to plan, prepare to be present and engage with the new research.

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Key features

Monitors all upcoming conferences and alerts you on new developments within a given drug class and therapy area
Quarterly reports on new developments
Identifies high impact upcoming and recent research
New Science Monitor™ can also track keywords, full drug classes, KOLs and competitors
All international, regional and national scientific conferences (est. 200 per region and therapy area)
Includes forward looking data


Stay informed on the latest scientific developments
Track independent researchers and receive notifications of KOL attendance at upcoming conferences
Share information with relevant teams and affiliates to support strategic sales preparation
Get quarterly new science overview and forecasts to be fully informed

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