Airfinity RNA

A first-of-its-kind platform that follows a technology-first approach for RNA, covering all Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Rare and Genetic Diseases, with a global and local view regarding production, R&D,and regulatory requirements.

The Global RNA Development Landscape

RNA technology represents an exciting new frontier in medicine and biotechnology, with the potential to revolutionize the way we treat disease and improve health outcomes.

Airfinity offers the most comprehensive source of data across the RNA development landscape globally. The platform enables fast and effective decision-making through forecast modelling and analytics by subject matter experts in near real-time. Get extensive pipeline surveillance and intelligence, track delivery (clinical and preclinical) mechanisms and gain a holistic overview of market dynamics by highlighting geographical location of RNA players and their interactions, as well as regulatory news.

Pipeline Surveillance and Analysis

Gain a full overview of the RNA therapeutics and vaccines pipeline. Airfinity RNA tracks 700+ candidates (and growing), to help you identify new and leading products, technologies and indications.

Regulatory Strategy Development

Understand regulatory requirements per region/country for process management and capacity planning purposes; identify new regulations impacting R&D and manufacturing, as well as FDA/EMA-approved manufacturing sites.


Identify key areas of traction and interactions impacting market dynamics through visibility of the funding landscape.

Licensing and Partnership Opportunities

Analyse market interactions and relationships to identify potential partnership opportunities, comparing terms and durations of licensing agreements and partnerships.

Delivery Systems

Predict future manufacturing demand by delivery system material type and identify novel vectors to reduce R&D costs and improve delivery of RNA into target tissue or cell via a comprehensive database of delivery systems, and a centralised source of news on delivery systems. 

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