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Measure what drives impact and learn how to best disseminate your new science and reach HCPs through digital conference channels.

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Measure and maximise your "virtual" conference share of voice.

In light of the COVID-19 all major scientific conferences and congresses have had to either cancel or go fully online. More and more are choosing the latter and becoming full blown virtual conferences. This trend will continue after COVID-19 as HCPs are likely to be overstretched.

For companies it is critical to make the transition to digital HCP engagement fast. Succeeding with virtual conferences will require a rapid change of strategies and tactics, an overnight digital transformation.

To support companies in this transition, working quickly with leading conference and digital experts, Airfinity has developed the first virtual conference analytics solution for large scientific conferences and congresses. We use proprietary data from “real life” congresses compare it to virtual and learn how it is different.

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Key features

Measures Scientific Share Conference Share of voice on multiple metrics and identifies what science had the highest impact
Measures virtual sponsored session and benchmarks impacts against competitors
Analyses other scientific, educational and commercial activities and benchmarks against competition
Best practice: Learn from the highest share of voice companies and their best practice. What tactics work? What doesn’t?
Recommendations on what your company can do better to engage HCPs and how to measure impact going forward
Presented as a report with a 1 hour session and hotline to Airfinity’s virtual medical conference experts


Learn how to measure impact at virtual conferences
Benchmark your virtual impact performance
Actionable recommendations on how to engage HCPs in a virtual space
Access to Airfinity conference analytics experts

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