COVID-19 Antiviral Pills Revenue Forecast

Download Airfinity's 2022 Q1 revenue estimates and full year 2022 forecasts

Airfinity has released its latest COVID-19 treatments revenue forecast for Q1 2022 and 2022. The forecast increases its total sales estimate for the year from $19.5bn to $32.5bn. 

Airfinity’s Lead Analyst for Treatments Dr Arsalan Azad says, “Antiviral pills are going to play a vital role as the COVID-19 pandemic moves to endemic. The treatment is attractive to governments for many reasons. It is cheaper and easier to administer. Its efficacy is not affected by evolving variants, they have a longer shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. However, a rolling back of testing, patient confusion around eligibility and perception of the reduced virulence of Omicron has led to unexpectedly poor uptake. Despite this we expect to see more governments procuring these treatments with the potential to expand eligibility criteria to patients who are lower risk”.

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