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Data driven intelligence to help commercial departments spot earlier market trends and improve their go-to-market impact.


As regulatory pressure and compliance regulations challenge the traditional role of sales representatives, conferences are emerging as the key channel for direct real world interaction with HCPs.

Airfinity provides the data that commercial teams need to make the right decisions. We offer standardised commercial share of voice benchmarking and metrics that enable marketing departments to achieve higher commercial impact. Airfinity provides solutions enabling life sciences companies to be more targeted in their sales approach.

By aggregating and structuring valuable commercial data points from conferences, Airfinity’s insight solutions provide earlier new market signals than those of other sales share of voice sources.

Why leading commercial departments work with Airfinity

Use data to track and optimise commercial scientific share of voice per therapy area (measured on more than 10 standardised metrics)
Identify opportunities for higher impact
Understand and benchmark competitor strategies
Spot new market entrants
Monitor medical social media and understand drivers of engagement
Identify KOLs based on their real impact and optimise
Find an optimal spend mix between sponsored / educational sessions and exhibitor booths
Get recommendations for conferences to prioritise
Gain intelligence on all sponsored sessions and those of competitors

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