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Medical affairs

Data driven intelligence to help medical affairs departments spot earlier scientific trends as well as measure and increase their total scientific impact.


As the life science community’s data output grows at an exponential rate; therapy areas overlap and keeping appraised of new research as well as achieving a high impact for one’s own findings is increasingly challenging for medical affairs departments.

By collecting detailed information from all scientific conferences and other alternative data sources in a given discipline, Airfinity’s intelligence solutions ensure that medical affairs’ teams are fully informed and can react faster to new scientific developments. Our offering also provides a unique data driven way to track, benchmark and increase scientific impact.

Why leading commercial departments work with Airfinity

Use data to track and optimise scientific share of voice per drug class
Identify opportunities for higher impact
Understand and benchmark competitor information strategies
Spot independent research as soon as conference programs are released
Use sentiment analysis to understand what matters to HCPs
Monitor scientific social media and understand drivers of engagement
Identify KOLs based on their real impact
Get recommendations for conferences to prioritise
Monitor specific conditions
Track knowledge dissemination from preclinical to CMEs
Gain intelligence on sponsored sessions and those of competitors?
Analyse and track topics per therapy area

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