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Event sponsorship - easy, precise and accountable


Give sponsors what they really want

Capture the values sponsors measure and invest in. Airfinity allows organisers to go deeper with data and showcase beautiful unique values of their audience. Your attendees are great engagement targets that Airfinity verifies for you to sell confidently to sponsors. Your profile will include key metrics such as audience insights, reach and engagement. 


Save time and work smarter

Every event has a potential sponsor, big or small. The hard thing is finding them and committing hours of work researching their activity to ensure your a good match. With Airfinity’s Sponsor Match engine our organisers can stay focused on a list of relevant sponsors identified as the best matches for their event. You’ll find all the contact details you need, just request an introduction!


Easily manage a growing network of sponsors

You’ve structured your data and can finally provide sponsors with verified values from the first point of contact. Easily keep track of your outreach activity and event specific results all from one place. Share automated Past Event reports with existing sponsors, quickly identify and connect with companies that have attended, or find entirely new sponsors targeting events like yours and empower your outreach with data.