Event data and insights even the CEO’s will trust

When you are trying to attract the right corporate sponsors and attendees nothing speaks louder than reliable numbers. With Airfinity you can access the insights that matter about of your followers, community and attendees. Insert our graphs directly into your sales material and save lots of time.

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Worlds first intelligent sponsor matcher

Your contact book is not the best way to find the right sponsors. Instead, our sponsor matcher uses big data and AI to identify the corporates most likely to support your event. Assess your potential sponsors based on their size, other sponsorships and their sponsor score to asses which are right for your event.

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Get your unique event organiser score

Great events deserve to be recognised for their quality. Get your unique “Organiser score” and learn what to do to improve it to attract the best sponsors. Discover your rank in your category and see who is top.

Get your unique Event Organiser Score


Safeguard all your event data in one place

The attendee and community data is critical to any event organisers. We help you keep it safe and always accessible in one place and have a comprehensive data security setup in place that means no personal data will ever be shared. You get full power to choose what data to share, to whom and when.