Airfinity is a network that connects event organisers and companies, and lets them partner up to release the full marketing power of real life.


The event market is growing fast, with millions of new events happening every day. As people’s screen time grows, so does the hunger for something else, real life shared experiences, shared learnings and discussions. The deep rooted human need to get together in real life will only increase as the world gets more digital.

For companies this represents a big marketing opportunity, since no media only experience can compete with the lasting impression of a real life experience. In fact, people are getting blind to screen advertising. However, it is practically impossible for a company to connect with the people coming together offline. Equally finding the right sponsors is the single biggest challenge facing event makers in a sea of potential matches.

Airfinity solves this problem using a range of data signals to bring the two sides together on one platform. The network further offers workflow tools and data analytics to make event sponsorship as easy, transparent and accountable as digital advertising. In this way, all the event organisers and their sponsor have to think about is creating a memorable experience for their audiences.

Based in London with a development arm in Brighton, Airfinity was co-founded by global branding expert Rasmus Bech Hansen, and serial entrepreneur Sacha Carton.



Building a network

Building a true, thriving network is a process with many steps, and we can’t be there for everyone at once. Here are some of the steps we are taking:


More events <> more sponsors

Event data comes in all shapes and sizes. From ticket platforms and registration sites, to social networks that allow people to connect before and after the event. We are working on how to make it possible for every event to use the platform. Similarly we want every relevant sponsor on the platform. We are making it as easy as possible to get started, and encouraging everyone to onboard their existing network.


Taking care of the hard work

The sponsorship process today is cumbersome and largely manual. Both sponsors and organisers have asked us for ways to simplify this. Payments, assets, contracts and ongoing data notifications will save both sides lots of time and money and allow them to focus their partnership on what really matters, a great experience for the attendees.  


New industries & geographies

Every network has to start small. We started in our own pond, London tech events, but are expanding to new event industries and new geographies. We’re already overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback from organisers outside of our current categories and working on expanding the scope of our coverage.


A thriving network

We know what a real network looks like when we see it. From the active professionals who connect and gets business done via Linkedin, to the millions who find accomodation or earn extra money from their home on Airbnb. We want Airfinity to be a similar type of thriving network where every event organiser, even a micro one, will go and find the right sponsor, and where every company goes to find the right events. Where both sides learn from each other and from the many others on the platform. A network that will help the whole industry grow.