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Building a home for new science

By inventing radically better ways to monitor, structure and analyse scientific research, Airfinity are helping to solve the world’s greatest medical and technological challenges.
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Airfinity is a science information and analytics company. Working with the entire ecosystem; pharma companies, governments, investors and media, we have become an authoritative provider of new life science intelligence.

Our goal is to improve global scientific knowledge sharing. By listening to science as it unfolds and enriching the earliest data signals from multiple channels, we offer an entirely different source of predictive forecasts that enable decision makers to understand the implications of new scientific developments.

We do this by re-imagining how science can be aggregated, organised, assessed and distributed and have created a ground-breaking new type of meta-science platform. Compound and therapy area centric, fully relational and delivered in real time as new innovations emerge.

As a fresh-thinking and responsible data company, we invest heavily in R&D towards our long term goal of facilitating better global knowledge dissemination, faster discoveries and ultimately new solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

Headquartered in central London, Airfinity was founded in 2015 by two media and technology pioneers who continue to lead the company.

If you are confident you can contribute to building and scaling an alternative, impact-focused analytics platform for new science, then please



At Airfinity, we believe:
  • That there is more that we don’t know than we do.
  • In the centrality of observation, data and mathematics.
  • That no idea, concept, product or analysis is beyond challenge.
  • That the current model for scientific knowledge distribution is fundamentally broken.
“Ignoramus” - the Latin injunction on which modern science is based.

Our name

Air + infinity = Airfinity. It symbolizes for us the unlimited power delivered through combining new science and advanced data analytics.


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