Event sponsorship - as easy, precise and accountable as digital advertising.


Airfinity is a young, fast moving technology company seeking to radically improve the way sponsorships get decided, bought and delivered in the + 1 trillion dollar event industry. 

The company's mission is to make event sponsorship as easy, precise and accountable as digital advertising. Through it’s breakthrough proprietary Event Graph™ technology, Airfinity leverages advanced information processing and machine learning to intelligently match events and sponsors and give both sides free, standardised and actionable insights about attendees, social engagement and other key event metrics. 

Based in London with a development arm in Brighton, UK, Airfinity was co-founded by global branding expert Rasmus Bech Hansen and serial entrepreneur Sacha Carton.

By transforming the way events of all shapes and sizes get sponsored, the ambition is to fuel a next-generation of organisers that will strengthen and inspire the communities they serve.


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Airfinity is backed by a select group of Europe’s leading industrialists and angel investors.

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We are looking for brilliant minds and experienced engineers to join our fast growing team of people in London and Brighton, UK and actively hiring for multiple positions. 

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Airfinity Ltd
20 Eastbourne Terrace
London W2 6LG

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Airfinity Ltd
Floor 5
Tower Point
44 North Road

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