Airfinity is a pioneer in predictive health analytics that decision makers can trust, understand and act on to preempt future health risks.
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Founded in 2015, the original idea behind Airfinity was to systematically capture and structure the new science disseminated at conferences, a highly fragmented dataset. However, through working with medical associations and pharma companies, Airfinity learned that there are bigger, more urgent questions the industry as a whole is struggling to answer: what is happening in a given therapy area right now and what is potentially next? Scientific conferences are an important source of this information, but only one among many. As a company, we realised that as an increasing amount of data became open and novel RWE data sources emerged, there was an opportunity to improve the intelligence driving key decisions in the life science space by not only connecting and linking these disparate and complex data sources but through advanced data science transform them into real-time actionable insights.

In 2017, we significantly expanded our data collection capabilities and in 2019 started offering a broader science intelligence solution with the aim of building the one go-to-place for real-time, predictive health analytics. Initially our focus was cardio-vascular diseases but soon certain areas of oncology were also added. This more ambitious purpose also had a personal angle; in 2018, Founder and CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen lost his mother to cancer after a 9-year battle during which he saw the desperate need for potential new treatments. In retrospect, Rasmus has said the experience instilled both him and the company with a stronger purpose; an urgency and realisation that better information can save lives.

When COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, we quickly saw that our proprietary technology and expertise perfectly positioned us to help the world better navigate an unprecedented situation. Across a sleepless few months the company built the world's first dedicated COVID-19 health analytics and intelligence platform which is now the trusted source of decision makers and media globally. Our data and forecasts have made a material difference to the global response to COVID-19; they have helped save lives.

Today, Airfinity is one of the fastest growing health data companies, serving clients on all major continents. Our hope is to continue to improve and find better ways to use data to empower decision makers to address more of humanity's big challenges.

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