Airfinity is a disease forecasting company. It tracks, simulates and predicts population level disease outcomes in real time to inform decisions that can increase the global life span.
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Founded in 2015, Airfinity was created to systematically capture and structure the new science disseminated at conferences, a valuable yet highly fragmented dataset. Through working with medical associations, research institutions and pharma companies, Airfinity learned that there were even bigger, more urgent questions that the industry as a whole was struggling to answer​

This more ambitious purpose also had a personal angle; in 2018, Founder and CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen lost his mother to cancer after a 9-year battle during which he saw the desperate need for potential new treatments. In retrospect, Rasmus has said the experience instilled both him and the company with a stronger purpose; an urgency and realisation that better information can save lives.

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