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Life Sciences’ new source of real impact data

Airfinity is the only data source to combine medical and market data with structured, verified information from scientific conferences.

Contact us to learn about alternative, impact focused, market intelligence.

Data to drive bigger real life impact

Airfinity is a data and conference analytics company, offering an alternative, impact focused, intelligence source for the global Life Science industry.

Our data informs critical go to market decisions for Life Science companies and provide new market insights. We connect scientific associations to data that lets them grow and improve their events. Our insights is also used by foundations and cities and others with an interest in Life Sciences.

As a fast moving, fresh thinking data and technology company, we have developed a proprietary technology, The Eventgraph™, that combines millions of data points from a range of sources. We continue to invests heavily in R&D towards our long term goal of using data and technology to get all parts of the life Science Industry professionals together in real life to foster more collaboration, new insights and ultimately better clinical outcomes for patients.

We are headquartered in London and were founded in 2015 by two marketing and technology pioneers. We are funded by a group of Europe’s leading industrialists and individual investors.