Non-Life Science Organisations

Providing actionable insights to organisations around the world to support data driven funding and strategic decisions on disease response.

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Airfinity supports global response and public advocacy strategies

Airfinity works with organisations around the world to help them understand the risk levels in their key markets, identify investment opportunities, uncover research gaps and create more efficient public health strategies.

How do we help?


Effectively manage your company's disease risks and scenario for future health emergencies.

Access country level forecasts of disease prevalence with an overview of treatments and vaccines. Management level insights help forecast and better protect employee health and avoid disruptions.

NGOs and International Orgs

Benchmark global response strategies and advocate for improved health equity.

Independent analysis across new science, funding, global supply and access to medicines provides a global view of the disease landscape to better inform policy priorities.

Research Institutions

Track scientific developments, identify epidemiological trends and analyse the impact of different health policies.

Disease-centric solutions provide real-time demand, uptake and epidemiological models to inform research decisions, complement internal data resources and drive innovation within the scientific community.

Financial Services

Predict market shifts, inform investment decisions, and identify new and future scientific breakthroughs.

As health outcomes impact macro-economic cycles and phenomena, Airfinity has pioneered a bottom-up approach to assess and simulate science-based macro level risks.

Ask us about our country-level Risk Index for existing and emerging disease threats.

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