Airfinity Biorisk

The world’s most comprehensive biorisk surveillance solution, providing real-time alerts and analysis on emerging outbreaks and infectious disease risks.

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Real-time surveillance of 160+ diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a permanent reminder of the need for real-time infectious disease intelligence to better understand the current and future risk of different populations.

Airfinity Biorisk equips decision makers with a holistic overview of the global infectious disease risk situation, covering 160+ diseases across 180+ countries and 20+ languages

Independent risk frameworks provide multi-dimension rankings by analysing emerging outbreaks and disease dynamics, as well as a country’s ability to cope with different scenarios through medical countermeasures.

Intelligence Reports and Deep Dives

Daily Risk Alerts

A daily email alert with near real-time risk assessment of outbreaks worldwide, including any new changes in cases or any new variants detected.

24/7 Platform Access

Get access to a live Global Outbreaks Tracker, as well as real time epidemiological analysis and monitoring (including COVID-19 and Monkeypox), all with extensive filtering options and downloadable data.

Weekly Intelligence Reports

Airfinity Biorisk comes with two in-depth weekly intelligence reports to give decision makers a clear overview of current and upcoming threats.

Biorisk Report: a One Health overview of current outbreaks worldwide with in the context of wider environmental changes, deep dive analysis and forecasts.

COVID-19 Pandemic Report: detailed epidemiological analysis of the COVID-19 situation, including variant spread.

Intelligence Reports and Deep Dives

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