Airfinity Biorisk

The world’s most comprehensive biorisk surveillance solution, providing real-time alerts and analysis on emerging outbreaks and infectious disease risks.

Real-time surveillance of 160+ diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a permanent reminder of the need for real-time infectious disease intelligence to better understand the current and future risk of different populations.

Airfinity Biorisk equips decision makers with a holistic overview of the global infectious disease risk situation, providing assessment and predictions for 160+ viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens to prevent the spread and subsequent impact of future outbreaks. A proprietary outbreak risk index is assigned to each new outbreak, based on 15+ metrics across country and disease level data points. Through expert analysis and assessment, we provide actionable insight into disease dynamics and forecasted disease burden in affected areas.

Daily Risk Alerts

A daily email alert with near real-time risk assessment of outbreaks worldwide, including any new changes in cases or any new variants detected.

24/7 Platform Access

Get access to a live Global Outbreaks Tracker, as well as real time epidemiological analysis and monitoring, all with extensive filtering options and downloadable data.

Global Risk Analysis & Forecasting

Airfinity Biorisk combines real-time data with dozens of risk metrics to create a number of easy to navigate tools and visualisations, giving you the information you need to get ahead of outbreaks, mitigate risk and prevent further negative health outcomes.


Near Real-Time Outbreak Tracker

Easy to use dashboard displaying the largest global infectious disease outbreaks over the last month. Every outbreak is assessed using a range of country and disease level metrics to determine risk, which is easily available for rapid evaluation. Time-series disease burden data is also available to showcase epidemiological trends.

Emergent Risk Models

Investigate the risk of variants and strains of pathogens of concern, for example SARS-CoV-2 and avian influenza. Over the pandemic Airfinity has been able to backtest the SARS-CoV-2 variant emergence tool as new variants have begun to circulate which been used to further validate the model.

Newsletters and Reports

Daily newsletters and weekly intelligence reports provide the information you need to make quick decisions. Identify new risks straight away and gain a more in-depth understanding thanks to our deep dives on topical diseases and outbreaks.


“Probably the most expansive, accurate and helpful of the multiple data sets on an international scale”

Sir John Bell ,
University of Oxford


“Airfinity has been instrumental in our country’s COVID response.”

Head of UK Government Vaccine Task Force


In a dynamic environment, Airfinity enabled us to remain on track with daily developments to enable more accurate decision-making. Airfinity combines nimbleness of real time data and their group of scientists that can analyse, model and provide strategic analysis for critical decision making.”

Iskra Reic, Executive Vice-President

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