Life Sciences’ new source of real impact data.

Airfinity is the only data source that combines medical and market data with structured, verified information from scientific conferences.

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Monitor your share of medical voice, and plan for higher impact.

Scientific conferences are the most important channel for knowledge dissemination. We monitor what happens at these events, and provide you with the relevant insights to help you compete for attention within the medical community more effectively.

Conference Quality

Identify and analyse conferences on scientific quality and commercial impact.

Company Engagement

Compare your “share of medical voice” to competition and analyse their conference activities.

KOL Impact

Assess and discover KOLs on medical as well as impact metrics. Track reach and conference activities.

Therapy & Drug Activity

Follow therapy areas news and new drug discoveries across scientific conference.


Airfinity is the first company to track the impact and real reach at conferences and combine it with traditional sources - we call that share of medical voice.

Marketing & Sales Teams

Scientific Conferences are a key channel for new knowledge dissemination and marketing towards HCPs (“Not all doctors read journals”).

Airfinity allows you to use data to plan your go to market for maximum impact:

  • Identify highest impact conferences for sponsor, exhibitor, speaker, attendee decisions.
  • Assess impact of individual KOLs and identify new ones.
  • Track & benchmark visibility against your competition.
  • Analyse trends in HCP session interests.

Medical & Research Teams

Scientific Conferences are the go-to place for finding and learning new studies, discoveries & collaborations.

Airfinity allows you to monitor research developments before they appear in journals and identify KOLs:

  • Monitor KOL activity & discover new KOLs.
  • Monitor session content by therapy area and drugs class.
  • Assess scientific quality of event using a proprietary ranking.
  • Get notifications from across multiple associations (call for papers, programs etc).
  • Follow scientific content.


We deliver our standard insights via our secure, cloud-based platform, and custom data sets through a managed service. We currently cover the following areas:

Global Cardiovascular

Global Rheumatology

Global Nephrology

Global Medtech


Airfinity is a fast moving data and technology company. We are a team of ambitious and idealistic individuals united in the quest to make outstanding, innovative technology solutions that bring more people more together in real life.

Rasmus Bech Hansen
CEO & Founder

Rasmus has a background as a globally recognized brand expert, marketing leader and Fortune 500 advisor. He realized a big unmet need for companies to engage with their audiences in more meaningful ways. This drove him to co-found Airfinity. He holds a B.Sc. in Political Science, an MPA from Harvard University and is recipient of the Crown Prince Frederic award for excellent scholarship

Sacha Carton
COO & Founder

Sacha is a serial digital media and adtech entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurial career by co-founding ad pepper media (IPO) in 1999. Since then, Sacha has advised and invested in numerous ventures, and co-founded AdBrain, Scala Ventures, and Ogmenta. Applying his 20+ experience, he hopes to have similar success at Airfinity.