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Whilst the life science industry is being transformed by new digitized patient data possibilities, the core market and scientific intelligence which pharmaceutical and medtech companies rely on for critical decision making is still based on decades old information sources such as journal databases, prescription drug sales and public clinical trial information.

Whilst critical, these sources have severe limitations because information often arrives too late for companies to detect new market patterns and proactively act on them. In particular:

  • Journal articles are often publicly released up to a year after the underlying research was first presented at a conference and much important research never makes it to a journal.
  • Share of voice data becomes available at a point when a company cannot fundamentally alter their sales strategy.
  • Existing early data sources such as surveys and news monitoring are too sparse in coverage to detect true patterns with predictive power.

This leaves companies at risk of missing out on important new trends amongst the life science and HCP community, getting caught off guard by critical independent research and blindsided by competitive moves which ultimately results in them deploying resources to address an old reality.

Airfinity offers an alternative: by listening to science as it unfolds, capturing, structuring and enriching the earliest data signals from life sciences conferences, social media and others, we provide the life sciences industry with an entirely new source of predictive insights and analytics that enable decision makers to act first.

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