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Get immediate answers to your critical C-19 questions with access to Airfinity’s platform - a comprehensive real time data source and analytics engine relied upon by governments, medical organisations, top hedgefunds, pharmaceuticals and researchers worldwide.
When will a working vaccine be widely available?
When will lockdown restrictions ease in specific countries?
Which vaccines and treatments show most promise?
Where are the major risks in global supply and production capacity?
What are the real time insights derived from the scientific data and opinions of experts?
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Featured insights and interviews

Dec.08 2020
On the historic day where the UK administered its first dose of COVID-19 vaccines, our CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen is on BBC News at 10 pm to explain the production challenges that lie ahead and share Airfinity's latest immunisation forecasts.
Dec.08 2020
Airfinity's macro forecast for 2021 shows wide discrepancy in when countries can expect to go back to normal. CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen talks about global vaccine availability and production forecasts for 2021 on Bloomberg TV.
Nov.11 2020
Airfinity CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen is interviewed live on Bloomberg TV to discusses recent COVID-19 vaccine results, the time line of roll outs and wider scientific ramifications.
Sep.24 2020
With all eyes on the vaccine race and Pfizer the current front runner, Rasmus Bech Hansen (Airfinity CEO) discusses with Julia Chatterley whether standards have been compromised for speed.

Why choose Airfinity


We collect data from the earliest sources which allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date comprehensive and granular intelligence on critical new scientific developments in real-time.


By turning millions of fragmented science-related data points into a structured data set we build predictive, compound-centric meta-analysis and forecasts for trial readouts, approval likelihood, production, pricing and more.


Our therapy area structure mirrors the scientific community and ensures you have all the information you need in one place. We cover research, supply chains, regulation, disease developments, funding etc. from sources in more than 50 languages.


All information is classified and analysed by specialised experts ensuring the highest standards and quality. Our analyst team consist of some of the most talented scientist of their generation, top KOLs and industry veterans.


A proprietary set of scientific impact metrics allows for an objective data-driven picture of the scientific consensus within a therapy area. We are fiercely independent and data driven in our analysis.


Leverage a single, vertically integrated meta-science platform to get the full picture in real time.
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We also provide executive briefings as well as partner with clients on bespoke projects and custom intelligence solutions.

Who we serve


Get ahead of the pack with access to a holistic data set and multivariate data analysis that can inform key decisions across the life cycle from R&D, supply through medical affairs to commercial.

Bio & med-tech firms

Competitor and science intelligence solutions to drive key decisions and save cost from building an internal competitor intelligence unit.

Asset managers & banks

Enhance your equity research and identify alpha rich investment opportunities with deep analysis of new scientific trends, players, and technologies impacting the industry’s value chain.


Monitor new science to inform national biosecurity strategies, funding allocations and procurement decisions across defence, health and science ministries.


Make data driven funding and strategic decisions on emerging therapeutics to improve disease response and horizon scan the broader new science landscape.

Academic institutions

Enrich academic research and analysis with access to a real time, comprehensive and structured data set covering all new scientific developments in a given therapy area.

Actionable analytics

Airfinity’s insights have led to a number of strategic improvements within both our commercial and medical divisions.
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An expert team

Therapy specialised analysts, bio-statisticians and data engineers from the world’s top research institutions.


Commercial teamsInvestors & analystsMedical affairs
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