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Cited over 20,000 times in 2021 as a pioneer in predictive intelligence.

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Global Supply and Demand: The future of the antivirals landscape

Lead Analyst and Head of Therapeutics, Dr Arsalan Azad, hosts an exclusive session on antiviral supply and demand, sharing Airfinity’s independent analysis and forecasts on the treatment landscape.

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Airfinity live on stage at FT US Pharma and Biotech Summit 2022

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A pioneer in predictive health intelligence


What's happening in a given disease area?

Airfinity is the most comprehensive, single source of intelligence for new developments in your chosen area.


Identify the potential of a drug or vaccine candidate.

Our suite of dynamic predictive indicators help you navigate highly dynamic and uncertain market developments and see the real opportunities.


Helping you decide which candidate to invest in.

All information that impacts the future of a therapy is collected, structured and analysed in near real time and provides you with probabilistic tools to inform the big decision.

The world’s most comprehensive infectious disease platform.

Airfinity combines proprietary surveillance tools and forecast models with expert analysis for dozens of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, Influenza and RSV.


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What our users say?


“The Airfinity report is a guide for world leaders to fix a more ambitious action plan.”

Gordon Brown, WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing & former UK Prime Minister

hm government

“Airfinity has been instrumental in our country's COVID response.”

Head of UK Government
Vaccine Task Force


“Vaccine production data from Airfinity has been spot on. In a fast moving pandemic, these forecasts are really important for evidence-based policy making.”

Director General,

the economist

“Airfinity has been critical in furnishing us and the rest of the world with COVID-19 numbers.”

James Fransham, Data Journalist,
The Economist