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Airfinity provides global health intelligence and analytics that decision makers can trust, understand and act upon to save lives.

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The world’s leading covid-19 platform

Airfinity has fast become the most globally trusted COVID-19 solution by decision makers. Access the predictive analytics and insights solution that is saving lives, today.

What the users say

Airfinity has been critical in furnishing us and the rest of the world with COVID-19 numbers

James Fransham, Data Journalist

You are helping us make better decisions

Commercial Lead, Bayer

Airfinity has been instrumental in our country’s COVID response

Head of Government Vaccine Task Force

Vaccine production data from Airfinity has been spot on and its forecasts have been extremely correct. In a fast moving pandemic, these forecasts are really important for evidence-based policy making

Director General, IFPMA

The Airfinity report is a guide for world leaders to fix a more ambitious action plan. It shows we have enough vaccines either on shelves or in production even to vaccinate 70% of the global population by May next year

Gordon Brown, WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing and former UK Prime Minister

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Why Airfinity


We collect data from the earliest sources which allows us to provide decision makers with the most up-to-date comprehensive and granular intelligence on critical new scientific developments in real-time.


By turning millions of fragmented science-related data points into a structured data set we build dynamic forecast models and simulations for trial readouts, approval likelihood, production, pricing and more to provide better decision making tools.


All information is classified and analysed by specialised experts ensuring the highest standards and quality. Our analyst team consist of some of the most talented scientists of their generation, top KOLs and industry veterans. We are fiercely independent and data driven.

How we do it

Daily compound-centric analysis

We monitor thousands of sources in all major languages to have a molecular or disease centric view and set of impact metrics. All preclinical and clinical compounds covered.

Database access to disease prevalence, production, supply & funding

Though public sources and data partnerships, we collect unstructured signals on production, supply, deals, infections, government and company level policies.

Dynamic simulations

Our forecast models for trial read outs, production and immunisations are updated as new information is available. We can integrate with our clients’ own data streams to create custom predictors.

Who we serve

Asset Managers & Banks

Identify alpha rich investment opportunities with deep analysis of new scientific trends, players and technologies impacting the industry’s value chain.

Governments & Healthcare Authorities

Monitor new science to inform national biosecurity strategies, funding allocations and procurement decisions across defence, health and science ministries.

International Organisations & NGOs

Make data driven funding and strategic decisions on emerging therapeutics to improve disease response and horizon scan the broader new science landscape.


Manage your infectious disease risk. Access country level forecasts of disease prevalence with an overview of treatments and vaccines. Combine our intelligence with your own data on workforce demographics and supply chains to act in time to protect employee health and avoid disruptions.

Pharma & Biotech

Get structured, predictive market and scientific intelligence to inform key decisions across the life cycle from R&D, supply through medical affairs to commercial.

In the news

Despite double-digit billion-dollar sales uncertainty grows among Corona vaccine manufacturers

Published by Handelsblatt

Jan 25, 2022


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