Anti-obesity Treatments Intelligence & Disease Outcomes

Stay on top of the latest developments in the anti-obesity treatments landscape, with comprehensive analysis and independent forecasts on the link between obesity and specific CVRM outcomes.

Obesity is becoming increasingly recognised as a disease, rather than a “lifestyle complication”. Having tripled since 1975, obesity is associated with increased morbidity and mortality of countless other diseases, including numerous cardiovascular diseases like heart failure, atherosclerosis and its complications, hypertension, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Airfinity’s Anti-obesity Treatments Intelligence solution saves you time, resources, and money by getting the right insights directly into your inbox every month. Our team compiles the most important and market defining information, analyses it, and updates our disease outcome models to ensure you don’t miss a thing. We work with you to understand and predict the impact of any development, existing or potential.

Obesity-linked CVRM disease outcomes

Numerous clinical and preclinical studies have identified obesity and excess adiposity as an independent risk factor for numerous Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs). Each month, our team of specialist analysts provide a more comprehensive analysis into obesity and a specific CVD. This includes literature reviews, the impact of anti-obesity treatments on prevalence and disease burden, and as a result what that means for the treatment market for that specific disease.

Pipeline and Clinical Trials

Extensive analysis across the entire anti-obesity treatment pipeline, including efficacy, clinical timelines, and new clinical trials. Combining this data with market-specific predictive indicators helps provide not only a current snapshot but future outlook on existing clinical development.

News and Media

Stay on top of all the latest developments, and anticipate future shifts. All news, media, press releases, as well as public health policy and HTA updates are reviewed and analysed to provide expert, data-led commentary on this fast evolving market.

Deep Dives

Our regular deep dives cover particularly time-sensitive topics and/or trial read-outs to help you better understand how the market is evolving and which developments are the most critical.

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Analysis & Insights

Watch out on demand webinar on the anti-obesity treatments landscape, featuring KOL Professor Arne Astrup, along with Airfinity’s independent forecasts.

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