Obesity Market Intelligence Solution

Stay on top of the latest developments in anti-obesity treatments, with comprehensive analysis and forecasts on the clinical, commercial, and epidemiological landscapes. 

Largely thanks to the introduction of GLP-1 agonists, the obesity market has skyrocketed in the past few years, due to surpass $80 Bn USD in less than a decade. This dynamic market is continually expanding and being driven by factors beyond medical need, leading to both opportunities as well as questions around demand, pricing, eligibility, etc.​

Airfinity’s Obesity Market Intelligence Solution combines data, technology, and expertise to help you stay ahead of critical developments and inform your ongoing clinical and commercial strategies. We work with you to understand and predict the impact of any development (existing or potential), ultimately saving you time, resources, and money.

Intelligence Platform

The first ever obesity market platform provides pipeline, competitor, disease, and commercial insights, updated and accessible 24/7 with extensive filters.

Biweekly Deep Dive Analysis

High impact analyses on critical Obesity ​topics by expert analysts, e.g. costs to ​prevent comorbidity and major CVRM events comparing AOMs​ to bariatric surgery & CV drugs​.

Weekly Newsletter

A specially curated, editorialised summary of critical news across the market, with highlights from Airfinity’s latest analysis.

Intelligence Alerts

Real time analysis of critical news such as key product launch or pivotal results​ delivered directly to your inbox and available via the platform. 

Analyst Access

Get direct access to Airfinity science and market experts, including an optional monthly briefing​ for your entire team. 

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Analysis & Insights

Watch out on demand webinar on the anti-obesity treatments landscape, featuring KOL Professor Arne Astrup, along with Airfinity’s independent forecasts.

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