Airfinity One ID

Airfinity One ID is the market leading solution for infectious disease intelligence and forecasting, providing easily accessible, real-time, and insight-driven analysis for 160+ diseases.

The world’s only quant-based infectious disease solution

Airfinity One ID is a truly holistic approach that combines technology, data, and expertise to help you make better, data-driven decisions.

Combine comprehensive pipeline intelligence with current and simulated burden of disease, helping you understand future disease development and how this influences market dynamics for all vaccines and therapeutics.

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The market standard for data-driven decisions

Airfinity has developed a proprietary epidemiology engine, to provide unique insights, and contextualise this with drug and commercial intelligence to give holistic analysis of how an infectious disease market will evolve.


Gain a deep understanding of past, present, and future population-specific disease burden.

Access country-level, primary data in one place, as well as contextualised analysis from domain-experts to provide action-oriented insights on disease burden and its implications.

Outbreaks and Risk

Inform preparedness and resource planning by assessing current, emerging, and future outbreak risk.

Global real-time surveillance and analysis of infectious disease threats through a One Health lens, providing independent insight into country-level and local risk.


Assess the entire clinical development landscape with access to all candidate and clinical trial data, including media and press releases.

Benchmark assets and approval timelines, assess clinical trial design, identify areas of unmet need and inform strategic prioritisations.


Establish how disease burden and pipeline developments will impact demand and market size.

Monitor, understand, and predict market dynamics including uptake scenarios and how burden of disease translates into demand, pricing, production, and revenue.

Track, simulate, and predict with Airfinity

We filter out what really matters and show it in a way that is clear and actionable.

We deliver real time data and turn data into insights within hours, working in partnership with you to react to and pre-empt market developments.



We combine thousands of data sources, formats, and types to build independent models that are verified by key industry-players. Unique time series data, proprietary modelled data, and manual annotation underpins all our analysis and forecasts.


Global listening allows us to find breaking infectious disease news quickly and to track evolution in a fully relational dataset with access via our platform, as well as alerts, reports, and APIs.


Get more than information and data... get access to unique insights you can trust thanks to our team of analysts, epidemiologists, economists, and data scientists, with deep domain expertise.


“Probably the most expansive, accurate and helpful of the multiple data sets on an international scale”

Sir John Bell ,
University of Oxford


“Airfinity is a true partner in pushing the absolutely critical work we do to advance vaccines into the clinical space. Their team provides exceptional collaboration and intelligent data analytics that support our organisation in business and scientific decision making in a challenging, rapidly evolving emerging disease field.”



In a dynamic environment, Airfinity enabled us to remain on track with daily developments to enable more accurate decision-making. Airfinity combines nimbleness of real time data and their group of scientists that can analyse, model and provide strategic analysis for critical decision making.”

Iskra Reic, Executive Vice-President

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