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Get structured, predictive, and independent intelligence to inform key decisions across the entire product life cycle from R&D, to medical affairs to commercial.

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Airfinity works with the world's leading pharmaceutical developers, manufacturers, biotechs, and industry associations to drive further discovery, innovation and growth within the life science industry.

How do we help?

True Disease of Burden

Build evidence packages to understand the true burden of disease

Create a trustworthy foundation for your strategic decision-making processes using our comprehensive disease models and contextual analysis.

Medical Countermeasure Impact Modelling

Build retrospective and prospective data for the impact of different interventions on disease burden, e.g. number of lives saved from a vaccine.

Airfinity’s scenario-based analysis of vaccines and/or therapeutics can be applied to current market leaders as well as candidates currently in development, helping to inform regulatory decisions, optimal dosing timelines, long-term strategy for production, distribution and resource allocation.

Clinical Trial Optimisation

Data-driven location and timing recommendations for more efficient clinical trial planning and execution

Using Airfinity’s proprietary disease burden forecasts, and overlaying with the analysis of practical indicators including competitor sites and regulatory changes, we provide recommendations that can support faster patient recruitment, regulatory risk mitigation, optimal budget utilisation, and more.

Portfolio and Market Analysis

Identify the diseases likely to have unmet need in both the short-term and long-term, and uncover possible opportunities within your portfolio

Our assessments are carried out using Airfinity’s epidemiological, competitive, and clinical intelligence, as well as our advanced modelling capabilities. Identify key emergent opportunities and challenges, including how global disease drivers such as climate change will impact disease burden over time.

Demand Intelligence

Identify future players in an existing and emerging market to better position your interventions

Anticipate market changes with dynamic market uptake and demand models, as well as revenue forecasts. This supports more efficient resource planning by determining where future demand will be greatest for each population group across diseases.

Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark candidates and predict performance for a therapy area or drug class.

Proprietary predictive indicators on trial read out timelines, approval likelihoods and standard of care inclusion helps you identify which candidates will be first to market and how the disease landscape is expected to develop.

Make faster decisions with data you can trust

Airfinity works with your team to identify how our disease forecasting and intelligence capabilities can best support your organisation’s unique commercial and clinical development needs.

By building up proprietary historical analogues and developing independent, dynamic disease models, we can provide fast, data-driven assessments of a new, past, or potential development.

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