Governments & Health Authorities

Informing biosecurity strategies, funding allocations and procurement decisions across defence, health and science ministries.

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Horizon scanning to pre-empt future health emergencies

In collaboration with a number of ministries across the UK, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Airfinity has built a comprehensive suite of solutions, specifically designed to help governments and health authorities monitor, plan for and prevent future health emergencies.

How do we help?

Rapid biosecurity

Monitor and predict disease development, prevalence and protection levels.

Independent risk frameworks provide country-level rankings on existing and emerging infectious disease threats by analysing outbreaks and disease dynamics, as well as a country’s ability to cope with different scenarios.


Compare testing policies for 254 countries and monitor testing capacity levels.

Airfinity tracks >1400 COVID-19 diagnostic candidates, providing a centralised source for new science, competitive analysis and pricing across the entire diagnostic landscape.

Medical Countermeasures

Inform procurement strategies and public health policy development.

Assess all vaccine and treatment candidates, both approved and those in development, on efficacy and effectiveness, safety data, production timelines and pricing structures. Predictive indicators for candidate performance and approvals make it easy to identify pipeline candidates with the greatest potential and benchmark them against one another.

Supply Chain Readiness

Accurately anticipate future demand and available stock per country.

Airfinity is the only platform in the world that incorporates real time global production surveillance with detailed pricing information. Working closely with industry partners, we deliver ongoing data and forecasts on potential production bottlenecks and supply network issues.

Governments & Health Authorities

Airfinity's forecasts inform funding decisions for healthcare infrastructure and life science investments.

We help drive a country's discovery, development and manufacturing advantage.

Rapid biosecurity
Pandemic response
Treatment and vaccine procurement
Portfolio diversification
Standard of care benchmarking
Public health policy development
Stocks and flows analysis
Supply chain monitoring
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