Governments and Health Authorities

Monitor new science to inform national biosecurity strategies, funding allocations and procurement decisions across defence, health and science ministries.
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Government bodies around the world rely on Airfinity's cutting-edge global science monitoring platform, real time meta-analysis, cost benefit and risk evaluations.

We provide scenario planning tools and interactive forecasts that can be understood and trusted to inform critical decision making.

Horizon Scanning for National Authorities in the COVID-19 era

We work collaboratively with each ministry to support their individual needs and strategic activities including:

  • Rapid biosecurity and pandemic response
  • Treatment and vaccine procurement and portfolio diversification
  • Live production and supply chain monitoring
  • Standard of care benchmarking
  • Public health policy development
COVID-19 Risk Management For Governments

"Airfinity has been instrumental in our country's COVID response"

Head Of Vaccine Task Force

Access unique data-driven insights

Use advanced, real-time predictive modelling to react quickly to new developments and gain an in-depth view of drug funding, manufacturing and forecasted supply and demand.

Access unique data-driven insights

Track emerging treatments and vaccines and their efficacy

What are the new scientific breakthroughs that can help save lives, reduce hospitalizations and drive down health costs? What is their real or projected efficacy?

Track emerging treatments and vaccines and their efficacy

Identify and effectively manage supply chain disruption

Working closely with industry partners, we also deliver ongoing data and forecasts on potential production bottlenecks and supply network issues.

Identify and effectively manage supply chain disruption

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