Airfinity Launches New Influenza and RSV Intelligence Solution

Posted on Oct 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a renewed interest in influenza research and investment. We’re seeing a boom in innovation that is difficult for organisations to stay on top of. Meanwhile, RSV remains one of the last untapped vaccine markets in high-income countries. 

Airfinity’s new Influenza and RSV solution uses real time intelligence and analytics to help decision makers keep up to date with these highly dynamic disease areas, act faster on developments in the space and, ultimately, save more lives from respiratory viruses. 🔬 Inform candidate development and investment 🔬 Track emerging drugs and their efficacy 🔬 Monitor global prevalence rates and disease development 🔬 Understand the relationship between Influenza and COVID-19 Get in touch to book a free session with our analysts where you can all about how the platform can help your organisation.

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