Infectious Disease Analytics (IDA)

The market leading platform for Infectious Disease Analytics (IDA), supporting decision making across the life science ecosystem with comprehensive new science and market intelligence.

Global leaders in infectious disease forecasting

Airfinity IDA enables you to identify new market opportunities and monitor competitor activity through real-time analysis of infectious disease developments.

Combine comprehensive pipeline intelligence with a detailed overview of prevalence and burden of disease, and gain an understanding of how this translates into supply, price, and revenue for all vaccines and therapeutics.

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Airfinity IDA

A centralised source of new science and competitive intelligence for all indications across the infectious disease landscape.

Pipeline Intelligence

Access and analyse all candidates, clinical trials and approvals across all infectious diseases.

Extensive datasets on all clinical trials, publications, conference papers, and KOL discussions give you a comprehensive, real-time understanding of the infectious disease vaccine and treatments space.

News and Press Releases

Follow all new developments across the infectious disease landscape in real-time and stay ahead of future market shifts.

All news, media and press releases for 150+ diseases with extensive filtering options for customisable table views and comparisons.

Intelligence Reports

Maintain an ongoing understanding of the key developments in the infectious disease pipeline for vaccines and treatments

Monthly vaccine and treatment reports to support dissemination of information throughout your organisation, gain further insight from topical deep dives and easily digestible summaries of the current infectious disease landscape.

Supply and Demand

Anticipate future demand and available stock per country.

Scenario-based tools combine data on epidemiological trends, demographic breakdowns, candidate performance and more to identify what future demand for different candidates will be.

Market and Revenue

Monitor vaccine deals and pricing by country to benchmark different regions, and by infectious disease.

Compare vaccine price and dose numbers over time by income band and region, for all infectious diseases, identifying the market potential and procurement trends.

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Airfinity Data Core

Airfinity has built a unique and integrated data infrastructure.

This underpins all of our solutions to ensure the highest level of quality, trust and value in everything we do. Our products are designed to pinpoint the most important information, insights, and predictions that will bring you the most value.


Predictive & Data Driven

We combine public data with first party sources to build independent models that are verified by key industry-players.

We listen to the data to furnish you with vital scenario-based predictions, market forecasts and detailed scientific analysis.

Collaborative & Agile

Our data infrastructure allows for flexibility and rapid deployment. Whether you need a bespoke dashboard view, a specific analysis or even an entirely new disease covered, we are able to get you the insights you need when you need them.

Real Time & Actionable

We are continually reviewing and adding new sources to provide you with the most accurate and up to date view of the situation through online data visualisations, regular intelligence reports, and analyst briefings.

the economist

“Airfinity has been critical in furnishing us and the rest of the world with COVID-19 numbers.”

James Fransham, Data Journalist,
The Economist


“Airfinity is a true partner in pushing the absolutely critical work we do to advance vaccines into the clinical space. Their team provides exceptional collaboration and intelligent data analytics that support our organisation in business and scientific decision making in a challenging, rapidly evolving emerging disease field.”



“Vaccine production data from Airfinity has been spot on. In a fast moving pandemic, these forecasts are really important for evidence-based policy making.”

Director General,

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