Airfinity IDA

The market leading platform for Infectious Disease Analytics (IDA), supporting decision making across the life science ecosystem track, analyse, simulate and predict disease outcomes.

Pioneer in predictive health intelligence

Airfinity IDA combines disease specific (e.g. COVID-19, HPV, Influenza etc) and market focused (e.g. vaccines, antivirals etc) analysis to provide actionable insights and predictions for high impact decisions.

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Airfinity IDA

IDA 360

A full, topline overview of new science intelligence across all vaccine and therapeutics candidates for dozens of infectious diseases.

Track thousands of candidates, including pre-clinical and clinical candidates, across 100+ infectious diseases to provide a clear and near real-time update on candidate development, clinical trials, regulatory changes and more.


The world's first COVID-19 intelligence solution, providing detailed analysis and forecasts that have supported governments and biopharma throughout the pandemic.

Time-series data going back to the beginning on the pandemic combined with proprietary forecast models create the most comprehensive COVID-19 intelligence solution, covering 4,300+ candidates across treatments, vaccines and diagnostics.


Influenza is experiencing renewed interest since the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, with a boom in innovation and new vaccine developments.

A centralised source of intelligence on new science, overlaid with competitive and commercial analysis of over 500 candidates across Influenza vaccines and treatments.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

RSV remains one of the last untapped vaccine markets in high-income countries, with the coming years proving to be pivotal in establishing the key players.

Real-time tracking and analysis of over 130 vaccine and treatment candidates to help you predict market size, share and the key indicators that could drive success.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The prophylactic vaccine landscape for HPV infections is in the midst of a massive shake-up, which could see significant market shifts in the coming years.

Monitor, predict and act on upcoming developments resulting from expanded eligibility criteria for changing dosage schedules and emerging candidates launching at lower prices.

Pandemic Antiviral Discovery (PAD)

Antiviral pipeline intelligence and funding analysis for pathogens of pandemic potential.

Easily identify and track pipeline candidates with the greatest commercial potential and evaluate the effectiveness of financial investments by country, therapeutic, target, research institute or funding body.

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Track and analyse all antiviral candidates for bacteria and fungi at high risk of antimicrobial resistance.

Gain an understanding of the real-world impact and viability of pricing models and incentives, explore scenario-based reimbursement and regulatory models, and benchmark the efficacy and safety of antimicrobials.

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Airfinity Data Core

Airfinity has built a unique and integrated data infrastructure.

This underpins all of our solutions to ensure the highest level of quality, trust and value in everything we do. Our products are designed to pinpoint the most important information and the insights that bring you the most value.


Collaborative & Agile

We do not rely on guesswork or assumptions, we build solutions that are driven by the industry and our clients. Our data infrastructure allows for flexibility and rapid deployment.

Whether you need a bespoke dashboard view, a specific analysis or even an entirely new disease covered, we are able to get you the insights you need when you need them.

Predictive & Data Driven

We combine public data with first party sources to build independent models that are verified by key industry-players.

We listen to the data to furnish you with vital scenario-based predictions, market forecasts and detailed scientific analysis.

Real Time & Actionable

Our data is updated daily and accessible 24/7 via our online platform.

We are continually reviewing and adding new sources to provide you with the most accurate and up to date view of the situation through online data visualisations, regular intelligence reports, and analyst briefings.

the economist

“Airfinity has been critical in furnishing us and the rest of the world with COVID-19 numbers.”

James Fransham, Data Journalist,
The Economist


“Airfinity is a true partner in pushing the absolutely critical work we do to advance vaccines into the clinical space. Their team provides exceptional collaboration and intelligent data analytics that support our organisation in business and scientific decision making in a challenging, rapidly evolving emerging disease field.”



“Vaccine production data from Airfinity has been spot on. In a fast moving pandemic, these forecasts are really important for evidence-based policy making.”

Director General,

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