Cardio-metabolic & Vascular

The largest killers in the western world are cardio-metabolic and vascular diseases and their prevalence increasingly presents a global challenge. Airfinity has years of experience in this field and draws on an integrated intelligence platform and a leading, therapy area specialist team to inform decision makers on new scientific advances.
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The conditions that affect most people in the western world are cardio-metabolic and vascular. Ageing demographics and the fact that we now survive an increasing number of other diseases, renders people more vulnerable to cardiovascular problems. Obesity and, consequently, Type-2 diabetes are becoming globalised, resulting in a pervasive risk of patient development of cardiovascular, renal, ophthalmic and other complications.

It is now established that drugs developed for one condition are beneficial for others and may also prevent further diseases in the same patients. Major developments with minimally invasive surgical techniques have resulted in less perioperative mortality and the potential of offering these new interventions to broader patient categories. Heart attack, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes and amputations are all ailments that can be prevented or treated when needed.

Airfinity monitors breaking scientific developments in cardio-metabolic and vascular research from early discovery, pivotal and take-to-market trials (typically Phase 3 pharmaceutical and device trials) as well as diagnostic methods, drugs and surgical implants. We track more than 100 scientific conferences and structure their content (inter alia, pre-prints, posters and oral abstracts) to provide a 360° view and objective, predictive metrics for immediate impact assessment of all new science in this area. 

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