The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving and presents an ongoing challenge to all decision makers, even those with well resourced commercial and medical intelligence teams.

Airfinity’s COVID-19 platform serves as an outsourced analytics unit. Through a subscription, your organisation receives full access to the most accurate, dynamic and comprehensive scientific real time data set, insights and forecasting engine on the market.
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A Single Platform To Effectively Manage Your COVID Risks

Airfinity’s solution combines push and platform experience:

  • Daily customised newsletters and direct alerts with real time forecasts based on new developments
  • Weekly intelligence briefings with leading analysts and hotline access with any COVID-19 questions answered in hours
  • A user-friendly platform with all data on vaccines, therapeutics and variants of concern in one place

Airfinity was the first company to build a science intelligence tool dedicated to COVID-19, supported by a large expert team who have followed the pandemic from the beginning. We provide global coverage of four related areas:

  • Vaccines
  • Therapies
  • Diagnostics
  • Macro-economic and biosecurity related risks and policies

Never miss out and allow your team to go deeper into the data to understand how tomorrow's science will impact your company and industry.

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Why Airfinity
An Independent, Trusted Intelligence Source

Our information is subjected to rigorous Q&A multiple times and verified by therapy area specialists prior to publication. Through partnerships, critical data points are also confirmed by third party sources. All information is linked to its underlying source and a clear methodology provided.

Accurate Predictions

Our forecasts have been proven to be amongst the most accurate available and delivered significant edge to our clients. Airfinity enables your organisation to better predict science, and its related market and macro developments. Countries that have based their decisions on Airfinity's insights have generally fared better under COVID and many of the world's most successful hedgefunds and investors have outperformed their peers and the market with the help of Airfinity.

Optimisation Of Internal Resources

Our solution allows teams to save considerable time on their own data collection and analysis so that resources can be focused on making the right decisions, informed by a trusted partner.

The Airfinity Platform Includes:

Detailed Insights Into The Underlying Science

Deep dives on vaccine and therapeutic candidates in pre-clinical and clinical trials with real time meta-reviews and competitor comparisons on efficacy, effectiveness, cost-benefit and safety incorporating KOL sentiment analysis scraped from conferences and social media.

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Detailed Insights Into The Underlying Science

Funding, Manufacturing, Supply & Demand Analysis

The only source of real time detailed information on vaccine and treatment funding, deal pricing, distribution agreements, production capabilities, supply chain dynamics and demand with accurate bottom-up projections of future capacity.

Funding, Manufacturing, Supply & Demand Analysis

Real Time Forecasting Of Infection Rates And Normalisation Timelines

Predictive modelling on country level normalisations or openings, vaccine hesitancy tracking and customisable, machine learning-driven simulations, macro-economic and biosecurity risk indicators.

Real Time Forecasting Of Infection Rates And Normalisation Timelines

Variants Of Concern Tracking

A global VoC monitoring and analytics system including a traffic light early warning indicator dashboard developed with leading scientific research teams.

Variants Of Concern Tracking

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