IEG Policy Surveillance

Monitor, evaluate and anticipate the use of real world data and evidence around the globe, as well as its impact on the regulatory landscape.

Real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) is playing an increasingly important role in how regulatory bodies and governments make healthcare decisions. However, there is currently no standardised data package to submit to regulators, HTAs and payers, making it very difficult and time consuming to collate, evaluate and understand the impact in global regulatory policy.

Airfinity’s IEG Policy Surveillance solution provides actionable insights on trends in the regulatory, real world data space by monitoring hundreds of sources across multiple languages. It selects the most relevant articles using proprietary NLP technology, which is then supplemented with expert opinions to give additional insight on emerging trends in regulatory policy.

Gain access to all important information relating to RWD and regulatory changes with:
  • An easy-to-navigate platform centralizing key data from numerous sources
  • Detailed meta-data and filtering options (e.g. precise topics, country, article category, and more)
  • Regular insights and summaries from our expert analysts
We scan hundreds of public data sources, multiple times per day, for regulatory changes based on real-world data to help you:
  • Identify improvements in the R&D process to make use of real world evidence and accelerate approval timelines
  • Bridge the gap between HTAs and regulators, by establishing greater transparency and standardisation of evidence packages
  • Improve clinical development through understanding the acceptability of new methodologies and trial designs
  • Information on post-launch evidence requirements and anticipate postmarketing surveillance plans
  • Understand national policy relationships with regulatory authorities, payers and governments that are taking initiatives to accelerate the use of RWE studies
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