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Harness the power of new science analytics to reduce your company's Covid-19 risk and seize opportunities.

What is it?

ScienceMacro provides decision makers with objective, timely and actionable information. It comprises country level real time, predictive risk indicators that help organisations better steer their business through the pandemic and react faster to short term developments.

ScienceMacro is based on Airfinity’s market leading Covid-19 science information and analytics solution. It combines data from a range of complex sources to deliver advanced machine-learning driven short term forecast models.

Our predictions have been proven within a 10% margin of error, making our risk indicators amongst the most reliable in the world.

Fill the missing piece of your corporate planning puzzle

Existing corporate planning models have broken during the Covid-19 pandemic and any full, or partial, reversion to "a new normal" relies on medical solutions. But companies struggle to answer key questions such as:

  • What are the key developments across the “main” countries?

  • When will a working vaccine be available?

  • Which countries will (emergency) approval benefit most due to procurement pre-agreements and supply chain dynamics?

  • When will treatments be sufficiently effective to enable more countries to ease lockdown and travel restrictions?

Forecast country level openings

To help large organisations and central banks answer these questions, Airfinity has developed a Covid-19 ScienceMacro product - a real time, dynamic forecast for when countries will fully re-open and machine learning based short-term predictions. This is delivered as actionable executive reports, a fully configurable real time analytics dashboard and a data feed to incorporate into planning models.

The most comprehensive source on Covid-19 information

Airfinity is one of the leading sources of Covid-19 predictive data modelling and analytics. Our services are relied on by governments, leading hedge funds, banks and international organisations as well as established news outlets such as, inter alia, Bloomberg, The Economist, The Washington Post, Financial Times and Nature. The company's real time insights are delivered by a top team of therapy area specialists, bio-staticians, data scientists and analysts.

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We deliver critical data, information and insights to global decision makers across pharmaceuticals, med- and biotech companies, governments, corporates and investors.

Our experts will:

  • Discuss your use case for our data and your business needs
  • Give a thorough demonstration of our platform, products and solutions
  • Show how our forecasts of the science innovation lifecycle can improve your market intelligence
  • Optimise your response to leading scientific challenges

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