Asset Managers & Banks

Identify alpha rich investment opportunities with deep analysis of new scientific trends, players and technologies impacting the industry’s value chain.

Airfinity works with several of the world's largest assets managers, top hedge funds and financial institutions.

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Airfinity delivers alternative structured data, insights and proprietary forecasts to inform investment decisions and identify new and future scientific breakthroughs.

The most important value driver within the healthcare industry is the scientific pipeline; hence investors in the space dedicate considerable time attending conferences, studying KOL’s social media sentiment and reading reports to track the latest scientific developments.

With Airfinity, you have access to a single, real time, aggregated and verified compound centric data set covering all science channels that can be modelled and built into investment strategies.

Macro risk

As health outcomes impact macro-economic cycles and phenomena, Airfinity has pioneered a bottom-up approach to assessing and simulating science-based macro level risks.

Our team of analysts, data scientists and macro economists build global forecasts that are used by some of the world’s top financial institutions. 

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We deliver critical data, information and insights to global decision makers across pharmaceuticals, med- and biotech companies, governments, corporate and investors.

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