Manage your infectious disease risk. Access country level forecasts of disease prevalence with an overview of treatments and vaccines. Combine our intelligence with your own data on workforce demographics and supply chains to act in time to protect employee health and avoid disruptions.

Airfinity works with a number of multinationals to model and manage their health-related risks.

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Multi-nationals face the risk of unprecedented disruptions from infectious diseases to their supply chains, demand side dynamics and workforce itself.

Pandemics are an ongoing liability all companies need to manage.

Airfinity provides management level insights and data to help forecast and better mitigate infectious disease related risks.

Understand the risk levels in your key markets, assess and benchmark your own employee exposure under different scenarios.

We cover more than 140 different countries and our team of science analysts and statisticians will work with your team to build customised multivariate forecasts and real time dashboards to ensure you can preemptively act.

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We deliver critical data, information and insights to global decision makers across pharmaceuticals, med- and biotech companies, governments, corporate and investors.

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