Pharma & Biotech

Get structured, predictive market and scientific intelligence to inform key decisions across the life cycle from R&D, supply through medical affairs to commercial.

Airfinity works with a number of the world's largest pharma companies.

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Market insights

Complement your internal competitor intelligence unit with additional independent, structured and predictive data.

Forecast the impact of new science in real time. Use advanced real time risk modelling to react quickly to new developments and receive access to first party information on production and supply.


Move from a static planning cycle to dynamically adapting your go-to-market strategy as new information emerges. Inform and tailor your messaging and communication channels according to the most recent developments. Listen to and understand the scientific conversation in real time.

Medical affairs

As the traditional science information channels are rapidly transforming and the speed of new science is accelerating, it is critical that medical affairs divisions are armed with better tools to measure and optimise their impact.

Airfinity provides a real time listening and benchmarking engine that allows you to dynamically adjust your strategy and tactics.

Access holistic multi-channel Share of Voice analytics to measure and improve your impact. Use historic structured data to understand key drivers such as channels, KOLS and formats.

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