Airfinity launches Influenza and RSV Commercial solutions

Posted on Jul 6, 2022

Building on its pioneering work in COVID-19 intelligence, Airfinity's Commercial offering, demand models, visualisations, and in-depth intelligence reports have been extended into two new disease areas. Users can now subscribe to proprietary insight into the vaccine market for approved and pipeline candidates within both Influenza and RSV.

The solution includes platform access, quarterly newsletters and reports, and direct analyst support. Expect expert commentary and in-depth analysis across burden of disease, treatment landscapes, vaccine pipeline, pricing analysis and more.

With Airfinity's Commercial product, you will have access to:

Predictive indicators to anticipate market shifts and highlight emerging opportunities

Market access analysis to help you focus on the right sales channels

Real-time demand forecasts and on-going supply deals to highlight unmet need

Extensive datasets such as procurement tenders, supply deals, vaccination rates, etc. to provide a thorough and well-rounded view of the current and future market

To learn more about the new solutions and get a walk through of the platform and analysis, get in touch here.

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