Airfinity launches new platform IDA to track all infectious disease vaccine and treatment candidates

Posted on Feb 8, 2023

Airfinity announces today the launch of Airfinity IDA (Infectious Disease Analytics), a new platform that will provide a comprehensive overview of vaccine and therapeutics candidates across the full infectious disease landscape. 

Airfinity IDA, a first-of-its-kind product in the health analytics market, will be a centralised source of competitive intelligence, providing clear and near real-time updates on candidate development, clinical trials, approvals, regulatory changes and more. 

Airfinity IDA covers

  • ~2,000 candidates across ~150 infectious diseases

  • ~2,000 clinical trials across 113 countries

  • ~300 approvals captured and ~100 candidate expedited status

The product will combine a brand new platform with customisable email alerts and monthly intelligence reports. 

Airfinity IDA is a focused infectious disease solution giving an overview of the whole market, enabling clients to track daily changes in competitor pipelines, receive alerts on new entrants and monitor trial progress and approval status. 

Across the wider infectious disease development landscape, we see a clear focus on HIV/AIDS with the most candidates and ongoing clinical trials. This reflects the high burden of this infectious disease which has long stumped developers, most recently reflected in the failed phase 3 Mosaico trial from Janssen where the only remaining late stage HIV vaccine failed to show benefit.

Candidate tracking across the infectious disease landscape builds upon Airfinity’s Biorisk surveillance offering which tracks 160+ diseases across 180+ countries for for emerging outbreaks and disease dynamics. 

Airfinity built the world’s leading COVID-19 science and market intelligent platform in 2020 and continues to be the most widely cited health data firm receiving 27,000 media citations in the last 12 months. 

Colin Williams, Airfinity’s Chief Product Officer says: “IDA is the perfect product for those working in the infectious diseases market. We have created a one-stop-shop for understanding what’s happening across the whole landscape. Whether you are scoping out development opportunities, designing clinical trials or launching a new vaccine or treatment, IDA can help inform your strategy. 

“For professionals with a deeper interest in one specific disease area, we have more in depth reports available as well as dedicated platforms for COVID, Influenza, RSV, and HPV. We even provide our clients with custom analytics projects on demand for other disease areas as part of our offering.”

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