Airfinity upgrades global biorisk platform

Posted on Dec 6, 2023

Airfinity, the disease forecasting company, is launching a biorisk surveillance solution that enables a country or region to better track, predict, and simulate incoming disease risks.

As part of this, we are pleased to announce new investment from IQT, the not-for-profit strategic investor for the U.S. national security community and its allies.

To lead the new and enhanced offering, Dr. Michelle Holko has joined as VP of Biorisk based in our Washington office.

​Dr. Holko has served in the government as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow leading projects with HHS BARDA, the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA, and the Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense. Michelle was most recently a Strategic Business Executive and Scientist at Google.

​​​​​​Airfinity Biorisk tracks over 150 diseases across 180+ countries and leverages AI through dynamic machine learning algorithms to integrate a wide range of structured and unstructured data signals, such as genomics, zoonotic, travel and weather, to enable better risk and countermeasure assessment.

​​​​​​Dr Michelle Holko says, “I am excited to join Airfinity, further evolve the biorisk solution and make it an integrated part of the global information infrastructure. The world needs better surveillance and pandemic preparedness. The COVID-19 pandemic serves as a permanent reminder of the need for global monitoring and early warning systems. Together with our clients and partners we aim to develop a pragmatic approach to preparing for and mitigating the risk of biological threats, answering the questions that can save lives.”

​​​​​​CEO and founder Rasmus Bech Hansen says, “At Airfinity we have a strong track record of working with G7 nations and are thrilled IQT has come on board to support our mission. We look forward to expanding our relationship with its government partners.”

​​​​​​IQT Senior Partner Eugene Chiu says, “Near real-time alerts and risk assessment of emerging and re-emerging disease outbreaks worldwide are critical capabilities to minimize the spread and impact of infectious diseases. We are excited to support Airfinity in its mission to track infectious diseases worldwide in order to improve global outbreak preparedness and response.”

For more information about Airfinity Biorisk, get in touch here.

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