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Airfinity's new obesity market intelligence newsletter provides a free, curated summary of the latest news, commentary, and scientific results delivered to your inbox every week. Our team monitors and assesses the entire anti-obesity landscape, spanning hundreds of data sources and channels, in order to get you the most important information and give answers to the critical questions:

Clinical Developments: What does the current pipeline look like, from pre-clinical through to post-approval? What are the latest partnerships to be announced?

Regulatory Developments: What are the new submissions and approvals in the space? Are we seeing any shifts in drug pricing regulations, reimbursement policies, or negotiations between pharmaceutical companies and payers? What is being done to control and prevent counterfeit or substandard medications from entering the market?

Commercial Developments: What does current manufacturing capacity look like and how might anticipated demand impact future production efforts?

Disease Outcomes: What is the latest analysis and understanding around the wider economic impact of current anti-obesity drugs, and their role in reducing disease burden across other CVRM diseases?

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“The Airfinity report is a guide for world leaders to fix a more ambitious action plan.”

Gordon Brown, WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing & former UK Prime Minister

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“Airfinity has been instrumental in our country's COVID response.”

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Vaccine Task Force


In a dynamic environment, Airfinity enabled us to remain on track with daily developments to enable more accurate decision-making. Airfinity combines nimbleness of real time data and their group of scientists that can analyse, model and provide strategic analysis for critical decision making.”

Iskra Reic, Executive Vice-President


“Probably the most expansive, accurate and helpful of the multiple data sets on an international scale”

Sir John Bell ,
University of Oxford