Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands face potential future lockdowns, according to Airfinity.

Posted on Nov 19, 2021

Today’s analysis of positive COID-19 cases across Europe shows Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands are the most at risk of future lockdowns. 

The graph below shows countries where cases are rising, comparing current infection rates and the weekly growth in cases. 

Countries at the top of this graph including Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Austria are already facing restrictions. Vaccination rates in these countries are amongst the lowest in Europe. 

Airfinity predicts countries in the middle of this graph are at imminent risk of further restrictions, with Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands all facing potential future lockdowns. 

The countries at the bottom of the graph are seeing cases rising and are at risk of further restrictions in the coming weeks. Germany in

Airfinity’s co-founder and CEO Rasmus Bech Hansen says, “Europe is entering the 4th big COVID-19 wave. And even if the continent has generally high vaccination rates the high transmissibility of Delta combined with lower temperatures is pushing infection levels high and we are also seeing hospitalizations and deaths, sadly, increasing. Countries will try to avoid full lockdowns, but further restrictions are like many places with exponentially rising cases.”

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